Monday Meal and Fitness Planning

Happy Monday! I spent all weekend being a Lazy Face McGee. We started Saturday off with two amazing soccer games with our winter league. It's "World Cup," and we're Ivory Coast. We won the first game 5 to 2, and lost the second game by one point--3 to 2. It was definitely chilly, but once … Continue reading Monday Meal and Fitness Planning

90 Days

  Today, I've officially been at my new job for 90 days. It feels like I've been there a year and yet that I only started yesterday. I feel like this is such a good place to be. I know I mentioned before that I have a weird need for constant change (and yet I … Continue reading 90 Days

A Day Ahead

Firstly can we just address the fact that this is crazy: All week I've felt like I'm one day ahead. Maybe it's because I called my mom on Monday (who has the whole week off), and right before we hung up she said, "Well, at least tomorrow's Friday." I thought to myself for a short … Continue reading A Day Ahead