Welcome to Sunday

This week has been trying to say the least. After getting my wisdom teeth out last Friday, I've dealt with pain sensations I don't think I've ever felt before: excruciating mouth pain, awkward jaw pain, terrible ear pain. All on that one side. Slowly, though, the week has been getting better. I can finally say … Continue reading Welcome to Sunday

Post-Surgery, Day 4

Blargh! I'm resisting the urge to curse a lot in open forums where my mother might see how foul my mouth is. 1. Because my mouth pain is ridiculous for 4 days after surgery (or at least what I'd expected after a seemingly good past few days) and 2. Because now that I finally have … Continue reading Post-Surgery, Day 4

Post-Surgery, Day 2

Sean and  headed home on Sunday. This was the morning after the late-night jaw smack off. We met Sean's parents for breakfast, which means I had to wait until later in the morning to take pain meds. Sean's dad said I looked pretty good since there was only swelling on the bottom-left side of my … Continue reading Post-Surgery, Day 2