Labor Day Weekend List

Naps taken: 2 Kayaks on the river: 0 (Thanks, high water and rain!) Workouts: 2 (Run on Saturday & CrossFit on Monday--I'm in the grey shirt with the bar.) DIY projects: 1 (I painted some of my glass jars to look like mercury jars--outcome so far is so-so.) Movies watched: 1 (It was a documentary … Continue reading Labor Day Weekend List

Customizable Creamy Veggie Pasta

Have you heard of Philadelphia Cream Cheese's Cooking Creme. I just want you to know, it's so fancy, it's a creme--not a cream. It's like they made your grandma's trick of adding cream cheese to anything already tasty even more accessible  You see it in the store and think, "Yes, I'll pay extra for cream cheese with herbs … Continue reading Customizable Creamy Veggie Pasta