The Thanksgiving Calorie Rant

One of my favorite bloggers posted a rant yesterday about the stupid things that happen during the Thanksgiving timez. I agree with all of them, but one rant that really rings true is the stupid calorie count things that circulate among health and fitness magazines, articles, blog, etc. "Did you know you'd have to run … Continue reading The Thanksgiving Calorie Rant

How I’ve Exercised–Safely–While Injured

I've become an expert at injured fitness. Ok, fine, that's a lie. I've just learned what works for me as I've been healing from this stupid soccer injury. Yes, this is going to be a "Tips" post. Sorry to those of you who hate them; just leave now. 😉 1. I waited to be cleared … Continue reading How I’ve Exercised–Safely–While Injured

How CrossFit Changed My Idea of Body Image

I'll be the first to admit that, like any person, I've struggled with my body image. No matter how much we tell ourselves that we're awesome (which, let's face it, human bodies are a miracle unto themselves), the concept of "perfect" is constantly drilled into our heads through television, magazines, movies, blogs, etc.: Women want to … Continue reading How CrossFit Changed My Idea of Body Image