How I’ve Exercised–Safely–While Injured

I've become an expert at injured fitness. Ok, fine, that's a lie. I've just learned what works for me as I've been healing from this stupid soccer injury. Yes, this is going to be a "Tips" post. Sorry to those of you who hate them; just leave now. 😉 1. I waited to be cleared … Continue reading How I’ve Exercised–Safely–While Injured

Memorial Day and Functional Fitness

Hello! I hope everyone had a wonderful Memorial Day weekend. I spent most of mine sleeping and staring out the window wishing I could be outside doing things in the amazing weather, and then realizing that my complaints are petty compared to WHY I have the day off to do all these things. In CrossFit, … Continue reading Memorial Day and Functional Fitness

May HIIT & Plank Challenge

High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is all the rage nowadays in fitnessland, right? Research is showing us that instead of running or working out in a steady state of cardio, pushing your heart rate up and down and up and down has shown to be a better form of training, getting us fitter--faster. There are … Continue reading May HIIT & Plank Challenge