Run Like Hell Race and Weekend Recap

This weekend went by too quickly again. Sean and I went grocery shopping on Friday night, which took up most of the evening. We had a quick dinner afterward and then headed to bed early since we had the Run Like Hell in the morning. I typically wear a box costume for this race, but … Continue reading Run Like Hell Race and Weekend Recap


Friday Favorites

I love Fridays because I love the weekend because I love sleeping and playing soccer and running and weekend stuff. [Edit: I found this, and it sums up my feelings about Friday.] Here are some other things I like: Behr's Fashion Gray: We're painting Sean's office and the guest bedroom. I chose this color. It's … Continue reading Friday Favorites

One-Legged Karen

I spend a lot of time focusing on what I can't do with this broken leg. It's toxic, and I know it, but I fuel my own anger and frustration because I just don't have my usual outlets in the form that I'm used to. Is she really writing about this broken leg thing again? … Continue reading One-Legged Karen