It’s Here!

SANTA! I KNOW HIM! You guys I'm so excited. My new computer came on Friday. Of course, I was out of town, but Sean was here to sign for it. He moved my desk back into the office, brought my computer upstairs, and even wrapped it. He wrote a note on it that said, "To: … Continue reading It’s Here!

Pie, Decorating, and Movies

Ermahgerd, I'm still full from Thanksgiving. I hope yours was wonderful. I have so much to be grateful this year, but I won't bore you with a list of things and people I love. My mom came over for Turkey Day and brought green bean casserole, key lime pie (a fave of Sean and mine), … Continue reading Pie, Decorating, and Movies

Christmas, Thor, and Baby Showers

Another weekend without soccer, and I felt like we did so much! I took two rest days this weekend, too, since Thursday & Friday weren't good days for me. Really, the whole week was iffy, health-wise. I felt a baby sore throat coming on last Sunday night through Wednesday. I even left before the WOD … Continue reading Christmas, Thor, and Baby Showers