30 Things – 20 Random Facts (Part II)

See part 1 here. 11. I've lived in 4 different states: Georgia, Iowa, Nebraska, Tennessee, Nebraska, Tennessee, and then Georgia. 12. I studied abroad in India during the January Term of my junior year in college. 13. I really want a house so I can flex my (un)decorating muscles and start my dog rescuing habit. … Continue reading 30 Things – 20 Random Facts (Part II)


Running Bra Recommendations?

I've had my running bras for about 5 months. They were a very romantic Valentine's Day present, because Sean knows how to make me happy. With sports gear! I've been rocking a rotation of these Champion sports bras. However, they're starting to not do their job anymore. Do you guys have any recommendations for sports … Continue reading Running Bra Recommendations?