Resolution Recap from April

Sorry the blog's been wonky recently. My scheduled posts don't seem to be going out. Maybe something with WordPress? Maybe user error. (Most likely the latter!) Alright, we're still at the beginning of May, so there's still time to recap how New Year's resolutions are going. Find other recaps here. Alrighty, let's dive right in. … Continue reading Resolution Recap from April

Some Couponing Questions from a Novice

Does anyone here successfully use coupons? Just wondering because I can't seem to use coupons to save money. Here's how it works: I get those little coupon magazines in the mail, but when I go through it, it's rare that we normally buy any of the items that have coupons available. This means that by … Continue reading Some Couponing Questions from a Novice

Friday! And Weekend Plans

Hooray for Friday! This weekend will be busy for us--soccer, groceries, cleaning out the closets and junk drawers (prepare for an influx, Goodwill!), movie time and much more, I'm sure. Have a fantastic weekend filled with fun and staying warm... and cats.