The Rules of Movie-Going

I was talking to a coworker the other day about going to the movies. He said he hadn't been to the theater in ages, so I told him about going to see Thor. We got to talking about all the "rules" Sean and I have for going to the movies, and as he laughed, he … Continue reading The Rules of Movie-Going

Christmas, Thor, and Baby Showers

Another weekend without soccer, and I felt like we did so much! I took two rest days this weekend, too, since Thursday & Friday weren't good days for me. Really, the whole week was iffy, health-wise. I felt a baby sore throat coming on last Sunday night through Wednesday. I even left before the WOD … Continue reading Christmas, Thor, and Baby Showers

Run Like Hell Race and Weekend Recap

This weekend went by too quickly again. Sean and I went grocery shopping on Friday night, which took up most of the evening. We had a quick dinner afterward and then headed to bed early since we had the Run Like Hell in the morning. I typically wear a box costume for this race, but … Continue reading Run Like Hell Race and Weekend Recap