Post-Surgery, Day 3

I'm glad I took Monday off, because the pain was pretty intense Monday morning. In the mornings it's generally worse probably because it's been 8 hours since I last took a pain med; I probably slept on my face funnily in some way; and the ice that made me feel so good at 8pm has … Continue reading Post-Surgery, Day 3

Post-Surgery, Day 2

Sean and  headed home on Sunday. This was the morning after the late-night jaw smack off. We met Sean's parents for breakfast, which means I had to wait until later in the morning to take pain meds. Sean's dad said I looked pretty good since there was only swelling on the bottom-left side of my … Continue reading Post-Surgery, Day 2

I’m back!

Sean and I made it back from Tennessee from my wisdom teeth surgery Sunday afternoon. Fortunately, our cat sitter was really flexible after things didn't go as planned on Saturday and was happy to come for extra visits. We left cold and windy Atlanta on Friday morning. I had a huge bowl of oatmeal at … Continue reading I’m back!