The Crudz

Man, the creeping crud is really going around this year. I know so many people at work, at the gym, around town, that have gotten sick. Some even contracted the plague over Thanksgiving. THE WORST! I'm really sorry for all of you who have to deal with real illness. I become a complete and utter … Continue reading The Crudz


Pie, Decorating, and Movies

Ermahgerd, I'm still full from Thanksgiving. I hope yours was wonderful. I have so much to be grateful this year, but I won't bore you with a list of things and people I love. My mom came over for Turkey Day and brought green bean casserole, key lime pie (a fave of Sean and mine), … Continue reading Pie, Decorating, and Movies

The Thanksgiving Calorie Rant

One of my favorite bloggers posted a rant yesterday about the stupid things that happen during the Thanksgiving timez. I agree with all of them, but one rant that really rings true is the stupid calorie count things that circulate among health and fitness magazines, articles, blog, etc. "Did you know you'd have to run … Continue reading The Thanksgiving Calorie Rant