Soccer and DIY Weekend

Happy Monday! I hope everyone's weekend was fun. Mine was full of things I love: soccer, sleeping, good food, and DIY projects. Soccer was way fun this weekend. Both my teams did really well, and I even had a few assists (no goals). Sunday I stayed to help another team out, and when their spare … Continue reading Soccer and DIY Weekend


Wednesday Pick-Me-Up

Is it Friday yet? It feels like it should be. I don't know why these past two days have managed to feel like four, and yet it seems like I haven't gotten one day's worth of stuff done. Does that happen to anyone else? Sean is heading up to Tennessee today to visit his mom … Continue reading Wednesday Pick-Me-Up

Five Minutes till Bomb Time

Have you ever seen the old, old version on War of the Worlds? Not the Tom Cruise one, but the one from 1953! While the weird robot aliens are attacking, the army is preparing to attack, and a guy comes over the intercom at an army base and says, "Five minutes till bomb time!" My … Continue reading Five Minutes till Bomb Time