Jello Workout–Abbreviated

I realize the last Jello Workout I posted required a big time commitment, so I shortened it for those of you who may need a truncated version. The key to this workout is lifting heavy to the point of muscle failure. DO NOT ATTEMPT THIS IF YOU'RE NOT AN EXPERIENCED WORKER OUTER... Also, please see … Continue reading Jello Workout–Abbreviated


The Jello Workout

Because after you finish it your whole body feels like Jello. There are main sets for each exercises and little sub-sets that I did in between the main sets. For example, in the squats section I did 15 squats then 24 alternating push kicks, then 15 squats, then 15 donkey kicks on the right side, … Continue reading The Jello Workout

Quick, Easy, No Equipment Interval

  Sometimes I don't want the hassle of having to lug out all my stuff to get my workout on. Ya know? This interval works whether you're using a treadmill or running outside on your own. You just need to know about what a half a mile time or distance is for you. Found this … Continue reading Quick, Easy, No Equipment Interval