Two by Two

I have two sets of two words: Cat Naps Banana Recipes. Oh... and The Big Lebowski... I know, I know. It was Sean's Valentine's Day present and what better day to watch stupid movies than a rainy Sunday. Pilates at 1 can't come fast enough. Also, yes, Pudge is in a reusable grocery bag.


Lamesauce Valentine

Two weeks ago Sunday, Sean and I played soccer with our awesome Purple Hazers. Yeah, we lost, but I really hustled it out there and had so many chances at my New Year's resolution of finally stepping up from midfield to score a goal. So many almosts. However, I was MEGA sore afterward, and instead … Continue reading Lamesauce Valentine

Homemade Rocket & Robot Valentines

Sean and I had super fun making these this weekend. Well, I did. He got stuck cutting everything. For the rockets, you need a candy that comes in a tube, a Hershey's kiss, a mini-Reese's cup, fancy paper, and hot glue. A tube of Rolos would have been perfect, but the only tube-candy the store … Continue reading Homemade Rocket & Robot Valentines