What is a Vegetarian?

There's surprisingly a lot of controversy around this question. There are different types of vegetarians: lacto-ovo-vegetarians who eat eggs and dairy (some people don't eat eggs or dairy or both... see below) raw foodies who only eat raw, non-cooked foods (nothing over 115 degree, some may eat raw fish and therefore aren't, by my definition, … Continue reading What is a Vegetarian?

Vegetarian Awareness Month

October is World Vegetarian Awareness Month! I switched to a vegetarian diet over a year ago. Sean and I tried to be vegan for a while, but Sean really loved real cheese (and butter), so we've found vegetarianism as a good middle ground. We chose to "convert" (if you will) to a no-meat diet after … Continue reading Vegetarian Awareness Month

The veggie quest

If you've been reading my blog for a little while, you know I've been slowly trying to transition myself (and sometimes Sean) into a less-processed, more plant-based diet. This is all based on research, documentaries I've seen, books I've read, blogs I read about other people's lives, etc. In essence, I'm coming to realize that … Continue reading The veggie quest