Cat Grass and Friday

We spent almost an hour and a half at our new vet yesterday. She is very thorough, to say the least, but did give us some great advice. She said he would have tossed his cookies if he'd eaten the string from the rug (or if it wasn't going to pass), so he was probably … Continue reading Cat Grass and Friday


Everyone is Sick and I’m Tired

Oh, what a Wednesday. I got 9 hours of sleep Tuesday night, and I still had trouble being awake on Wednesday. I'm trying to slow down on how much iced coffee I consume (usually just 1 cup, measured out, each morning), so maybe it's the lack of caffeine. Sean took his car to the transmission … Continue reading Everyone is Sick and I’m Tired

Let me tell ya ’bout muh Sunday

I'll give you guys all a break from my mandatory vacation updates. I hope you aren't getting jealous, not that there's much to be jealous of. But I also hope you all get a longer-than-a-weekend break to chillax and focus on what's important in your life. Like food. And family. Not necessarily in that order. … Continue reading Let me tell ya ’bout muh Sunday