Thursday Thoughts (Unorganized)

1. Sleep has not been going well for me this week. That makes me sad because it's something that I like a lot but also don't function well without. For example, Monday night, while lying in bed, I kept reliving the broken leg incident. How I heard the snap/crunch and wailed like a baby and … Continue reading Thursday Thoughts (Unorganized)


Surprises, Check Fraud, and Costume

Wednesday while I was at work, I emailed Sean and told him I had a surprise for him and for him to be careful driving home since it was almost time for him to leave his office. I was bringing him a sweet! Well, he quickly replied that he was already home and he had … Continue reading Surprises, Check Fraud, and Costume

Failed Resolutions

My CrossFit gym is starting an endurance/running group next Wednesday, which means I have less than a week to master running if I want to join. So far my efforts aren't going well, and it's making for an upset Carolyn. The flexibility is just not all the way there in my left ankle, so I'm … Continue reading Failed Resolutions