The Jello Workout

Because after you finish it your whole body feels like Jello. There are main sets for each exercises and little sub-sets that I did in between the main sets. For example, in the squats section I did 15 squats then 24 alternating push kicks, then 15 squats, then 15 donkey kicks on the right side, … Continue reading The Jello Workout


Free Workout Videos

Yesterday was a pretty good Monday. I tried to stay focused on having a good attitude, and I think I did pretty well. Work went by quickly and I felt like I accomplished a lot. Monday seems to be the day that everyone wants to call me. My phone rings off the hook on Mondays. … Continue reading Free Workout Videos

Exciting Saturday

Two words: KITCHEN TABLE! Did I ever tell you guys I sold my kitchen table? This was way back in June, and then it occurred to me that I have no way of getting any other form of furniture from a store to my house because I have no large vehicle. Sean was tired of … Continue reading Exciting Saturday