The Big News

Have you guys been watching the World Cup? So many upsets! So many OWN GOALS! SO MANY FLOPS AND FOULS! We don't have cable, so I can't say I watch much soccer during the non-World Cup years (but I play it guys, I'm not just a fair-weather fan). I read about it, and wish I … Continue reading The Big News


Let’s Try This Again

Ok, let's try this again. This weekend was pretty good. After killing hot yoga on Friday, the rest of the weekend was a combination of soccer and laziness. We woke up Saturday morning at the usual time (between 5 and 6 am), and made breakfast. Then we went back to bed until 10. 10! That's … Continue reading Let’s Try This Again

Monday Meal and Fitness Planning

Happy Monday! I spent all weekend being a Lazy Face McGee. We started Saturday off with two amazing soccer games with our winter league. It's "World Cup," and we're Ivory Coast. We won the first game 5 to 2, and lost the second game by one point--3 to 2. It was definitely chilly, but once … Continue reading Monday Meal and Fitness Planning