Swimming, Yoga, Tennis, Running

Not much new stuff has been happening on my end of the earth recently. I feel like I need a weekend to recover from the sleep I missed out on this past weekend. We're almost there. I've just got to hold out for 2 more days. I finally went swimming for the first time since … Continue reading Swimming, Yoga, Tennis, Running


Calm.com, Tenderheartedness, and Expectations

I've been thinking about a few things recently--yoga, anger, personal expectations, peace, and tenderheartedness. They all go together, I assure you. I found an article on Monday through LinkedIn, I believe, called "5 Steps to Controlling Your Anger." I've written about it before, but sometime I notice that I get an odd satisfaction out of … Continue reading Calm.com, Tenderheartedness, and Expectations

Honoring Your Body – Discomfort v. Pain

Every time I go to yoga, I spend a ridiculous amount of time looking at my body in the mirror and nit picking at it. When did my hips get so wide? Can I remember a time my thighs didn't touch? Is that a paunch developing around my belly? By the middle/end of class, I'm … Continue reading Honoring Your Body – Discomfort v. Pain