Cheap, Homemade Cold-Brew Coffee (How-To)

For the past few weeks, I've been on a Starbucks kick. I know their coffee is the most expensive of all the kinds of quickie, drive-through coffees I can get--but they just do an iced coffee with cream and sugar better than Dunkin Donuts or McDonald's. They just do. Om nom nom However, a tiny … Continue reading Cheap, Homemade Cold-Brew Coffee (How-To)

Free Workout Videos

Yesterday was a pretty good Monday. I tried to stay focused on having a good attitude, and I think I did pretty well. Work went by quickly and I felt like I accomplished a lot. Monday seems to be the day that everyone wants to call me. My phone rings off the hook on Mondays. … Continue reading Free Workout Videos

This Honey Badger Don’t Care

You guys remember the honey badger, right? Well, I'm a honey badger, because I don't care. I've gotten a few really nasty comments on my blog recently. One person asked me why I was alive. The other told me I was a jerk because I complained about people taking their kids out to an event … Continue reading This Honey Badger Don’t Care